Research Assistantship for work in Zion National Park

Northern Arizona University
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Jun 11 2007

    This position is for a M.S. in the School of Forestry at Northern Arizona University.  It is funded as a graduate assistantship for three years.  For more information on the School of Forestry, check out our website at

    The project will be looking at the Kolob fire in Zion National Park.  It was the largest fire in the history of the park and due to the threat of cheatgrass to the Pinyon/Juniper community, the park sprayed over 8,000 acres of the burned area with Plateau herbicde and seeded a small portion.  This is the first landscape level application of herbicide for post-fire restoration.  The project is collaborative with the USGS-Western Ecological Research Center.  We are monitoring the effects of the herbicide and seeding treatments.  The new graduate student will be responsible for seedbank sampling across the treatments and controls as well as setting up a fire effects study with plots outside the burn area.  This will be done in conjunction with an existing student who is doing the understory veg sampling on the project.  There is some room for the new student to come up with their own side project to these major objectives.

    Anyone interested in the position needs to follow the application guidelines found at  (Don't worry about the application deadline of March 15th)

    The Graduate Student Handbook is a good source of information on the requirements for our graduate program.  It can be found at

Please make sure to put Prof. Thode's name on the application under possible advisors, and feel free to contact  her directly with questions.

The deadline for applications is June 11th.
Andi Thode
Assistant Professor
School of Forestry
Northern Arizona University
(928) 523-5457
P.O Box 15018
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5018