Fall 2007 Scholar Intern Program: Law and Politics

University of California Center Sacramento
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Sep 21 2007

University of California Center Sacramento

Fall 2007 Scholar Intern Program: Law and Politics

Home to the Capitol of the seventh largest economy in the world, Sacramento proves an exciting and ideal lab for studying the intersection of law and politics. The State Capitol plays host to the most influential policy, governmental and academic players in the state – and arguably, the country. The University of California Center Sacramento, an all-UC academic center currently in its fourth year of operation, will have a special academic program this Fall term, focusing on California law and politics.

Why should YOU enroll in the University of California's cutting-edge academic internship program in the State Capitol?

The Fall 2007 UCCS program in Law and Politics will offer students a rare opportunity to not only gain theoretical knowledge in the areas of law and politics, but to see them in action as well. Students will participate in weekly seminars covering controversies which intersect both law and politics, led by the seminal practitioners and academics in the field (including UC law faculty). At the same time, students will gain experience through a rigorous internship with a legislative or administrative office.

The Law/Politics seminar will be led by Drew Liebert, Chief Counsel to the Assembly Judiciary Committee. The seminar will unfold in three parts. Students will first study and assess the legal challenges inherent in democratic governance. The seminar will then turn to two areas of intense legal/political conflict and negotiation: environmental protection; and correctional system reform. A strong emphasis will be placed on questions of federal preemption, and on how California state law must coincide with federal regulations and mandates.

Students will receive training in policy analysis, and will develop their own legal policy analysis on a topic of their choosing. The academic program emphasizes one-on-one guidance and the development of skills in oral presentation. A small number of UC undergraduates, along with law students from Boalt Hall and King Hall Schools of Law, will be selected for participation. The planned seminar topics are as follows:

Law and Politics in California: Fundamental Perspectives & Current Controversies

1. Four Great Debates: Fundamental Challenges for Renewing Democratic Governance in California

a. Campaign Finance - Money, Voice, and Representation
b. Redistricting - Creating "Competitive" Elections
c. Term Limits and Balances of Political Power in the Golden State
d. Proposition 13 and California's Future Policy Choices

2. Law & the Environment: What the Green push in California really looks like

a. Environmental Justice: Defining the Issues in California
b. Brownfields and Urban Economic Renewal in Lower-Income Communities
c. Air Quality in California - Crisis in the San Joaquin Valley
d. Regulating Greenhouse Gases: AB 32 & Federal Regulations

3. Prison Reform: Correcting the Department of Corrections

a. Sentencing Commission - The Cunningham Decision and What it Means
b. The Politics of Prison Management: -- The CCPOA, the Prisoners, and the Law
c. The Federal Receiver / Prison Deal in California
d. Rehabilitation: An Ultimate Challenge

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Take Your Seat at the Center of California Politics

Develop a systematic understanding of public policy and political processes in California. Class readings and discussions focus on California's public policy challenges in the face of growth, inequality, and globalization.

Work as an intern doing meaningful policy work in a lawmaker's office, state department, or for another Capitol community player.

Learn about state policy and politics in small group discussions with state newsmakers.

Choose a policy topic and write a policy analysis.

Sample Internship Placements
Placements are tailored to student's interest, skills and background. See more placements (http://uccs.universityofcalifornia.edu/documents/internshipsponsors.pdf).

Office of Governor Schwarzenegger: Constituent Affairs, Appointments, Communications, Press, Office of the First Lady, Advance Team.

Senators and Assembly Members: Romero, Torlakson, Simitian, Morrow, Cox, Migden, Ortiz, Alpert, Dunn, Kuehl, Bermudez, Strickland, Runner, Coto.

Assembly Committees: Education, Governmental Organization, Judiciary, Public Safety, Joint Legislative Audit.

State Offices: Dept. of Education, Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation, Public Defender's Office, CA Commission on the Status of Women, Dept. of Food and Agriculture, Air Resources Board.

Local Government, Non-Profit Groups, and Special Interest Groups : Planning and Conservation League, Campaigns, CA Democrats, Common Cause, Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

To apply and get additional information, go to the UC Center website at http://uccs.universityofcalifornia.edu.


Have qustions? Contact Marg Lee at molee@ucdavis.edu or 530-752-2671 or contact Erika Peters at Erika.Peters@ucop.edu or 916-445-5533.