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California Energy Commission
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Aug 15 2007

The California Energy Commission PIER program is seeking qualified individuals or a team of researchers that will identify and evaluate the potential for wave and tidal energy (³ocean energy²) development in state and federal waters adjacent to California¹s coast. This evaluation will include the identification of gaps in our knowledge base of the environmental impact of ocean energy development at each identified site and the identification of research necessary for fully evaluating the potential for ocean energy development. Using the technology assessments prepared by the Energy Commission as well as other literature, the team will further refine the potential locations that have wave and tidal energy potential and discuss which type of technology could be located in those areas, conduct a review of the potential environmental effects and prepare a white paper.
Considering the significant amount of research already conducted on coastal onshore energy structures and transmission facilities, this paper will focus solely on those effects that may occur in the marine to shore ecosystems.

Attached is the Request for Qualifications.

All individuals are allowed to respond to this request for qualifications.

The Energy Commission is seeking neutral/objective experts, not advocates, to write the white paper.

Please send your application electronically with the following material.
Hard copies will not be accepted:
* Cover letter describing your or your team¹s qualifications and any indication of conflict of interest.
* Resume(s)
* Names of three (3) references and their contact information
* Proposed budget ­ include hourly rates and number of expected hours for each key investigator.


5:00 PM Pacific Time, August 15, 2007

Submit completed applications electronically to: mdorin@energy.state.ca.us

Contact Information:
Melinda Dorin
(916) 654-4024