Natural Resource Intern

Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency
Submission Settings: 
Open until filled
Submission Deadline: 
Dec 31 2007

Natural Resource Intern

Work hours: Mon.-Fri., 15-30 hrs/wk, flexible
Date/Wages: ASAP (Oct. 2007) – approximately March 1, 2008 at $11/hour.

Job Description:

• Site Monitoring: SAFCA is responsible for an extensive regulatory compliance environmental program. The Agency is in charge of many mitigation and habitat restoration sites in the Metropolitan region constructed to offset flood control project impacts and restore affected habitats. These include wetlands (vernal pools), riparian woodland, grasslands, oak woodlands and habitat for the valley elderberry longhorn beetle and giant garter snake. The Natural Resource Intern will assist the Natural Resource staff with various aspects of managing these sites. Basic duties will include identifying plants by species, measuring plants and recording data, marking counted plants, establishing transect lines, data entry, analysis and reporting. The intern will also assist with pre-construction surveys for various sensitive species as needed as well as site inspections.

• Collaborative Resource Planning & Management: Support the SAFCA Natural Resource Team with clerical and administrative functions of the task force and other related collaborative resource management initiatives including the Lower American River Task Force and the North Area Round Table. This involves attending meetings, preparing meeting notifications, maintaining working group binders, contacting committee members, arranging meeting venues and liaison between staff and consultants.

• From time to time take on routine office duties such as copying, filing, mailing documents and other tasks as needed (occasional pickup & delivery of documents).

Desired Qualifications:

• University training in a natural science such as biology/ecology/botany/forestry (desired);
• Interest in ecological restoration;
• Ability to identify riparian plant species;
• Willingness to work in both an office and a rugged outdoor setting;
• Experience with PC applications including MS Excel, MS Word and GIS applications (desired);
• Ability to work with minimal supervision.

Application/Contact: Please send a letter of interest, resume and list of three references to:

Lizette Crosbie, Natural Resource Specialist
Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency
1007 7th St. 7th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel. (916) 874-6451 Email:

Application Deadline: until filled