Postdoctoral Fellow – Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning

UC Santa Cruz
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Jun 1 2008

The lab of Erika Zavaleta at the University of California-Santa Cruz is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to work on a grassland field experiment. The project explores biodiversity effects on ecosystem processes in a serpentine grassland at Coyote Ridge/ Kirby Canyon Reserve, 45 minutes from UCSC campus. Coyote Ridge is the most extensive serpentine grassland in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an important restoration and conservation site for dozens of rare California plant and animal species.
Applicants should have the following experience and qualifications:

* Ph.D in ecology, biogeochemistry, or a related field conferred by June 2007

* Significant field experience in plant community ecology and biogeochemistry/nitrogen cycling. Experience with plant-insect interactions, grassland ecology and restoration, experimental ecology, plant invasion biology and/or related areas is also desirable.

* Attention to detail and a willingness to navigate the administrative aspects of managing a research project at a large research institution.

*A desire to work closely with and mentor others, including undergraduate and graduate students.

*A valid driver’s license and ability to drive a pickup truck on unimproved dirt roads.

Responsibilities will include scientific oversight for significant components of the project; overall management of the experimental site, field and lab logistics, part-time project staff, and equipment and supply flow; and general assistance with management of the laboratory space on campus. The fellow will develop and take the lead on addressing and publishing results on project research questions identified collaboratively with the PI. The fellow will also have the opportunity to collaborate with the PI and other project scientists as a contributor to other research streams.

Competitive salary and benefits; position to begin approximately August 15, 2008 with a minimum one year commitment, two years preferred. To apply, please send a cover letter, CV, two or more references (contact information or letters), and relevant reprints (optional) to Erika Zavaleta at The position will be filled as soon as possible.

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