Presidio Native Plant Nursery Research Assistant

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
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Apr 17 2009

Position Description
Presidio Native Plant Nursery Research Assistant

The Presidio Native Plant Nursery produces 60,000 plants per year for habitat restoration projects on the Presidio of San Francisco in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The nursery is a partnership between the Presidio Trust and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

The Research Assistant will improve the nursery’s ability to produce genetically appropriate, healthy, weed and pathogen-free plants and conserve the Park’s natural resources.  The Research Assistant will investigate cutting edge propagation methods, implement experimental seed treatments and growing techniques, and evaluate the results of these experiments. On occasion, the Research Assistant will support the propagation department during the heavy propagation season and the seed collection department, as needed. Additionally, the Research Assistant will provide technical support, quality control, and oversight of nursery operations through weekly monitoring of plants and facilities.

* Design experiments, set up data collection protocols, implement research, collect data, provide statistical analysis of results and write up results in publishable manner.
* Investigate propagation methods for difficult to grow species, including pre-germination treatments, vegetative propagation techniques, and after care
* Conduct pre-germination trials and greenhouse experiments
* Assist with seed germination data collection on non experimental species.
* Write reports detailing results of experimental trials and provide.
* Assist with quality checks, monitoring general health of plants, scouting for pests and diseases, and report observations to supervisor
* Assist with seed collection and processing, preparation of cuttings and divisions and propagation care of over 150 species of local native plants
* Assist with facilities maintenance, including irrigation and equipment repair

* Experience in experimental design, data management and statistical analysis, and report writing
* Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, Botany, Nursery Management or related field. MS or graduate level coursework preferred, including completed research thesis.
* A working knowledge of local native plants, their biogeography and life cycles is preferred
* Minimum of 6 months experience in plant propagation and care, either in a professional setting or through hands-on coursework
* Proficiency in MS Word, Excel
* Highly motivated, self-directed and detail oriented
* Valid California driver’s License. Excellent driving record. Must qualify for vehicle insurance.

* $15.50/hour, vacation, sick leave, workers compensation and state disability provided
* Part-time (20-30 hrs per week) half-day on Monday required, other days/times are flexible
* 5 month commitment. Possibility of extension of position, after 5 months.
* Publication opportunities
* Anticipated start date of May 1, 2009

Apply by mail, fax or e-mail: Send resume and cover letter describing your interest in this position and qualifications to: Brianna Schaefer, Presidio Nursery Manager Nursery, to BSCHAEFER@PARKSCONSERVANCY.ORG. Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Applications deadline April 17, 2009.