Biomixing and Ecosystem Engineering

UC Merced
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Jun 22 2009

Biomixing and Ecosystem Engineering

A full-time, NSF- funded, postdoctoral position is available immediately to develop an whole-ecosystem coupled-biophysical model for marine lakes.  The research will focus on the contributions to mixing of tidal, weather/climate, and biological components of the system, and their effect on population dynamics of the plankton.  Specifically, we wish to examine (1) the importance of biological mixing, a currently controversial mechanism in oceanography, and (2) the role of ecosystem engineering in causing jellyfish blooms which are of increasing concern globally.

This project is a collaboration between the Dawson lab, Dr. John Dabiri (CalTech), and Professor Eric Wolanski (James Cook University), also supporting a graduate student at UC Merced and a field assistant in Palau, Micronesia.  Related research includes ongoing long-term ecosystem monitoring, which to date has generated a 10-years long dataset for testing the model, and biodiversity surveys of marine lakes that may support extension of the model to explore colonization-extirpation dynamics and community assembly.

Qualifications:  Applications are encouraged from recent Ph.D.s experienced in limnology, mathematical ecology/biology and/or ecosystem modelling who are actively publishing in leading disciplinary journals.

Salary:   At least $37,000 p.a. plus benefits.  Salary may be negotiable depending upon applicant’s qualifications and the University of California pay scale.  The position is available for at least 1.5 years with continuation dependent upon performance and funding.

Closing Date:  Review of applications will begin 22nd June, 2009.  The position is available immediately and will remain open until filled.

For more information contact Dr. Michael N Dawson: (209) 228-4056,

Also see the Dawson lab’s website (,  the NSF press release, and the NSF special report  Additional information is available online about the School of Natural Sciences ( and the University of California at Merced (

To Apply:   Submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, 1-3 example publications, and names and contact information for three referees.  Please do not submit individual letters of recommendation.  Applications must be submitted via the UC Merced website for job# ASNS1946A.