Wildlife Field Operations Technician

Oiled Wildlife Care Network - Wildlife Health Center, UC Davis
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Jun 1 2009

The Wildlife Health Center's Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) is  
advertising for a new position within our Oil Spill Response Group -  
Wildlife Field Operations Technician.

As a member of the OWCN's spill response team, this new position  
(under the direction of the Wildlife Field Operations Supervisor)  
will support wildlife field operations and oversee volunteers during  
oil spill response by assisting in the capture, stabilization, and  
transportation of oil-affected wildlife. During non-spill periods,  
this hire will assist in maximizing readiness for oiled wildlife  
field operations through training, planning, drilling and  
maintaining necessary equipment and supplies.

Specific job responsibilities will include:
Evaluating and drafting recommendations to procedures and protocols  
for oiled wildlife capture;
Evaluating and recommending improved equipment and materials for  
oiled wildlife collection;
Developing content and delivering training on oiled wildlife capture  
operations and health and safety issues;
Conducting research related to oiled wildlife care technology  
development and assist in the research of others; and
Providing other specialized support in the area of oiled wildlife  
capture and transportation for the OWCN.

Specific job description and details may be found on the UC Davis  
Career Opportunities web site:

The preferred application date is on or before 1 June 2009.

Should you have any questions regarding this position, please  
contact Dr. Nils Warnock, Wildlife Field Operations Supervisor, at ndwarnock@ucdavis.edu
or myself at the below information.  Please also pass this notice  
to anyone you feel might be interested in this novel and exciting  
new position.

Mike Ziccardi

Michael Ziccardi DVM MPVM PhD
Director, Oiled Wildlife Care Network
Assoc. Professor, Clinical Wildlife Health
Wildlife Health Center
School of Veterinary Medicine
University of California
Davis, CA  95616
O: (530) 754-5701
C: (530) 979-7561
F: (530) 752-3318
E: mhziccardi@ucdavis.edu