GIS Internship

Sacramento Area Council of Governments
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Open until filled
Submission Deadline: 
Jun 22 2009

Paid Internships Opportunities for Summer/Fall 2009

The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) is offering paid internship positions for
students who have experience with Geographic Information Systems or Computer Programming.

How much does this pay?
$11.00.-$18.13 per hour, depending upon number of units completed.
Interns are required to be enrolled in a university degree or certificate program

What is SACOG?

SACOG is the Region’s Transportation Planning Agency. Our Board is comprised of city and
county officials from the six-county Sacramento Region. SACOG prepares studies, plans, and
programs to meet the long-range transportation goals of the region. Data analysis by SACOG’s
interns supports the region’s Rural Urban Connections Strategies Project, and other regional
planning efforts. Over the summer and fall 2009, Interns will be developing GIS databases of
employment locations, agricultural processors and new housing construction.
SACOG is located in downtown Sacramento near the State Capitol.

You should be available to work 12-40 hours per week between 7:30am-6:00pm.
The minimum work periods are in 4-hour blocks of time.
Experience provided is similar to an entry level planning position.
SACOG will gladly work with professors to provide academic credit.

What you would be doing...
Geo-processing regional datasets for SACOG’s forecasting models
Updating data for SACOG’s GIS mapping and planning needs.
Assisting in data collection and document review for SACOG Planning studies
Summarizing land use data from GIS property databases.
Working with digital aerial photography to quantify land use in different parts of the region.
Field data collection for our agriculture study

Do you have some of these talents?
Computer skills
Strong interest in building your quantitative skills.
Database or programming experience
A minimum of two courses in GIS.
Must have proof of right to work in the U.S. and proof of current school enrollment Valid CA
Drivers Licensed is desired.

Still interested?
Contact Joe Concannon
916-340-6234; or e-mail your resume’