Paid Internship in Amador County

Amador County Transportation Comission
Submission Settings: 
Open until filled
Submission Deadline: 
Jun 20 2009

GIS/GPS Land Use Survey - Student Intern/Part Time


The ACTC has received a grant from Caltrans and the University of California at Davis to use “UPLAN”, a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based mapping tool, for regional planning purposes.  ACTC will be working cooperatively with Amador County’s Information Technology Department and GIS Coordinator to have a student intern help with a land use survey and other related tasks.


ACTC is looking for a student who would be interested in an internship that would involve driving their own vehicle on the roads in Amador County to help identify land use information that will be used for the UPlan model.  Assignments would be given under the supervision of the Executive Director at the ACTC office (11400 American Legion Dr., Jackson).  A desk and office space will be provided.  All job functions would be performed within Amador County.  Job duties would include, but are not limited to:

    * Using Assessor’s parcel maps and other resources to identify and map existing land uses

    * Helping to collect additional data that is needed such as

          o Dead-end collector roads in the county more than ¼ mile long (one-way roads with no apparent second way in or out for purposes such as wild land fires and emergency evacuation)

          o Infill potential (checking on information regarding secured vs. unsecured parcels, Assessor’s records regarding built-out, un-built, and partially built parcels)

    * Possible GIS data entry and/or air photo interpretation

    * Other related assignments


Knowledge of basic operation of computer systems and some knowledge of land use planning or desire to learn about land use planning.  Familiarity with interpreting different kinds of maps such as USGS topographic maps and thematic land use maps.  Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work; and ability to work independently.


We anticipate the position to last for two or three months (June, July, and August - not to exceed 200 hours).  The intern would work a flexible schedule, but averaging 20-40 hours per week.


This will be a paid internship ($10/hour).  The intern must have and be able to use his/her own private automobile.  Use of the automobile for ACTC work will be reimbursed (55¢/mile).  (Note: a valid California driver’s license and automobile insurance is required, mileage reimbursement does not include commuting to and from work.)


Candidates must submit:

    * A one page summary, typewritten, of why you are interested and qualified for this position

    * Resume containing applicant’s name, year in school, e-mail, phone, and work history

    * Two letters of reference

Application packages will be reviewed with the most qualified applicant being invited to participate in an oral or telephone interview.  For more information, or to submit an application, contact ACTC Administrative Assistant Nancy Champlin, 11400 American Legion Dr., Jackson, CA 95685, (209) 267-2282 or


Continuous until filled.  Application packages are reviewed bi-weekly.  This recruitment may close without notice.

In no case will the intern be required to enter onto private property for purposes of this survey.


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