Academic Specialist For Energy Efficiency Research

UC Berkeley
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Oct 12 2009

University of California, Berkeley

New Position

Academic Specialist
For Energy Efficiency Research

Join the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE), University of California, Berkeley to develop and conduct technical research on ground-breaking energy-related topics.

CIEE is looking for an Academic Specialist who will independently develop and conduct research on energy-related topics such as behavior of individuals and organizations, market effects and market transformation, and barriers to the introduction of energy-efficient technologies. The ideal candidate must be able to manage research projects and assist the CIEE Principal Investigator in the review, evaluation, and presentation of research results and the initiation of technology transfer. Responsibilities will include data management, and progress reports to CPUC and other sponsors. The Academic Specialist will be organizing and coordinating technical advisory committees, conducting workshops, attending professional industry events, and developing and edit web page content.

CIEE develops, manages and coordinates funding for sponsored research. Our programs address contemporary topics in public-interest energy research (such as energy efficiency, electricity demand-response, renewable energy and climate change). Projects are sponsored by state commissions, energy utilities, and federal agencies; and performed throughout the UC system as well as by other key universities and research contractors.

The applicant should hold a MA or PhD in a discipline such as Engineering, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Geosciences, or Human Ecology or a related field. Two to five years of experience working in collaborative energy-related research and demonstrated ability to conduct independent research is required. Technical skills should include familiarity with technologies and behaviors related to energy efficiency (primarily), and demand response, renewable energy, and climate change. The Academic Specialist must have proven project management and organizational abilities to plan and independently execute projects/tasks within specific deadlines and budgets, and the ability to research and write comprehensive reports, and strong interpersonal skills to interact effectively with an array of diverse constituencies.

For more information on how to apply, visit the CIEE website at

Close Date: October 12, 2009