Spatial Ecologist

PRBO Conservation Science
Submission Settings: 
Open until filled
Submission Deadline: 
Mar 15 2010

Job Announcement: Spatial Ecologist
Pay Rate: Competitive, depending on experience and qualifications
Funding: 18 months secure with intention to extend
Hours/Benefits: Full time with competitive benefits
Application deadline: March 15, 2010 or until filled

Major Duties/Responsibilities:

Design and implement conservation science projects that use spatial analyses and modeling to
describe and understand the ecological impacts of rapid environmental change and generate
management recommendations for protecting or restoring ecosystems. Lead the development of
new projects and fundraising efforts to support these activities. Lead peer-reviewed publications,
present PRBO research results at scientific meetings and to PRBO partners.
This work will align closely with the priorities of PRBO partners and will require close collaboration
with state and federal agencies, other conservation NGOs, policy makers, and private landowners.
Reports to Informatics Division Director and collaborates with all of PRBO’s divisions (Marine,
Terrestrial, Wetland, and Education & Outreach) and initiatives (California Current, Central Valley,
Climate Change, San Francisco Bay and Central Coast, and Sierra Nevada).

PRBO Conservation Science
3820 Cypress Drive, #11
Petaluma, CA 94954

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